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Sofi Apartments

Downtown Stamford
pool, gym, garage, WD


Downtown Stamford
balcony, WD, garage, pool, gym

The Vault

Harbor Point
pool, gym, train station

Harbor Point 

Pool, gym, easy access to train and highway


Gym, Rooftop, Clubhouse
Pool, Gym, Parking


Close to train, Pool, Gym

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Tuttle Properties is dedicated to helping professionals and recent graduates find the right room sharing opportunities in Stamford and Norwalk CT.  With the increase in luxury properties and life, work, play communities, the need to split costs has become a priority for new residents.  We work closely to find you the apartment to suit all of you needs, whether you are looking for an existing room to rent or connecting with a roommate to rent a property with. Our network of seasoned and local experts are here to help you make Stamford your home.

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